National Challenge for Resilient Transportation and National Reach of GTS Transportation

Transportation News Update

The nation’s transportation grid must be built to withstand a new normal of more serious natural disasters and it won’t be cheap or easy, a top official of the U.S. Transportation Department warned Wednesday.

Creating a resilient transportation system is “the most significant challenge we have in the century going forward,” Peter Rogoff, the department’s undersecretary for policy told a forum sponsored by the Eno Center for Transportation.

Rogoff said such things as building highways and rail lines higher and better protected to withstand storms and sea level rise makes financial sense.

But it will also be more expensive in the short-run he told dozens attending the forum. The think-tank sponsoring the event works to make transportation systems more efficient and safer.

Rogoff said the damage from Superstorm Sandy two years ago in the New York City area proved the worst transportation disaster in…

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