National Challenge for Resilient Transportation and National Reach of GTS Transportation

Transportation News Update

The nation’s transportation grid must be built to withstand a new normal of more serious natural disasters and it won’t be cheap or easy, a top official of the U.S. Transportation Department warned Wednesday.

Creating a resilient transportation system is “the most significant challenge we have in the century going forward,” Peter Rogoff, the department’s undersecretary for policy told a forum sponsored by the Eno Center for Transportation.

Rogoff said such things as building highways and rail lines higher and better protected to withstand storms and sea level rise makes financial sense.

But it will also be more expensive in the short-run he told dozens attending the forum. The think-tank sponsoring the event works to make transportation systems more efficient and safer.

Rogoff said the damage from Superstorm Sandy two years ago in the New York City area proved the worst transportation disaster in…

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Top 2 on Viral Youtube Video | A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Street

“A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Street” was an ad by TNT, takes place in a certain town in Belgium.

The ad was released on April 11, is shared for more than 4 million times.

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Top 1 on Viral Youtube Video | Gangnam Style

PSY is a South Korean rapper, singer and dancer, rocks the world with his four-minutes video showcasing an aggressively hypnotic techno track. He is surrounded by beautiful women, a carousel, horses, old people etc. The video also shows that he sings from the toilet. So naturally, the video became incredibly popular.

This video set a Guinness World Record, for the most likes ever on YouTube, as well as reviews and ratings at ZizBang.

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Top Ten Websites to Watch in 2013

Top Ten Forum Sites

Hey Guys, I’m back and here’s the new Top Ten. I’m going to show you the Top Ten Forum Websites in the internet. 


These websites will certainly gives you education and knowledge. New ideas as well are discussed on this forum and you can be part of the forum where you can share and express your experience and ideas to help others.

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Top Ten Websites to Watch in 2013

Hello there guys.

I’m Lee Jeong from New York. This will be my first “top ten” post. And my first post will be about the top ten websites that we should watch next year. These are the sites that shows strong growth and expected to expand its popularity in the internet.

What should the next top ten websites poses to be recognize in the world? What are their characteristics and how are they going to be the next top ten? That will be all for this post.

What must this website possessed?

First, this website should have the capability on attracting people or internet users. Then, their site must be child-friendly and poised to be the next “big thing” in the internet. Though the majority of the websites are social-networking sites.

What was the process on choosing this site as the top websites of the year?

We are conducting every website that shows progress in this year like some website that has been dormant for years, but now created noise through social media platforms. Or the newly launched website that shows potential to be used for business.

Here are the Top Ten Websites;

Rank# 10 Reddit

Reddit Homepage

Homepage of Reddit

Rank# 09 SkillWho

It’s a social networking site that allows users to find people with skills from the friends of their friends or community.

The homepage of SkillWho

SkillWho Homepage

Rank# 08 StockTwits

This is an open community-powered investment idea and information service where investors and traders are exchanging ideas and having discussions more on business.

StockTwits Preview

StockTwits Homepage

Rank# 07 Color

Color users can view ans share LIVE video broadcast and photos with their friends on facebook.

Preview of Color

Homepage of Color

Rank# 06 WebRTC

WebRTC is a free and open project that allow web browsers with real-time communications (RTC) capabilities via simple Javascript APIs. The WebRTC components is optimized to deliver the best results.

Preview of WebRTC

Homepage of WebRTC

Rank# 05 FanPop

This is a growing network of fan clubs of televisions, movies, advertisements, music, and arts. It allows also the users to discuss opinions and share photos and videos to fellow fan club member.

FanPop Homepage

Homepage of FanPop

Rank# 04 ZizBang

This is a site where you can tell others what you think of almost any website and profiles of people on most of the major dating and social networking sites. It is now used in business strategies just like Reddit. It also hailed as the “Website of the Year” by a blog and also featured in “Discover This Website“.

ZizBang Homepage

Homepage Preview

Rank# 03 Steam

Community Hubs are collections of all the best community and official game content as rated by users.

Steam homepage

Homepage of Steam Community Hubs

Rank# 02 Pinterest

Pinterest is an online pinboard where members can pin pictures from websites and also upload images and share it with their followers. This site gained the highest interest by marketers and advertisers. This year, its hailed as one of the best site to promote your website/product and services internationally.

Preview of Pinterest

Pinterest is an online pinboard.

Rank# 01 Google+ 

Google+ integrates social services such as profiles, and new services like Circles, Hangouts and Sparks. This is the most effective business and marketing platform to promote websites, products, and services.

Preview of Google+

Google+ Homepage